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Pam Anderson, Director


Mailing address:125 S.State Road 7,

#104196 Wellington, Florida 33414

Physical Location:  off Fl-70 outside Okeechobee

Non Profit 501(c)3

Another Chance Stables, Inc. is a

501c3 nonprofit 

Horse Rescue Retreat Center.  

All donations are tax deductible. 

Board of Directors

Pam Anderson, BSN

Belinda Brett, BSN , RN, CCM

Maryann Vivanco RN, BSN


Chad Barkley

Seth Anderson

Eric Nicolas


How we got here

It all started March 2017 when I met this pony, Chico.  We met on a family vacation in north Michigan. He is a rescue pony, he was saved from the meat man at 5 years old. I was grooming him for a ride and I fell in love with him, I wanted to be around horses.  I started volunteering at a local horse rescue and a private barn and took  riding lessons. Continuing my journey to learn as much as I could about horses, I discovered the world of Unwanted Horses.  There are so many horses that are homeless. There are not enough horse rescues to house all the unwanted horses, 35% are turned away. Many are sent to the meat man, and being slaughtered.  This really bothered me and I knew I had to start a much needed horse rescue.  People won't let it happen to dogs and cats, and we have to stop it from happening to horses too.  We must educate the public, and help these amazing animals get Another Chance.

The second part of our program is a Women's Retreat Center.   We are combining the horse rescue with the retreat center to bring two parties together who thrive on relationships; focusing on emotional support, relationship building, and esteem building. The tranquil atmosphere will truly be a peaceful retreat of growth and renewal to both horses and women, combining the community with the horse world.

     H              H

     O              U

     R              M

     S              A

H  E  A  L  I  N  G

     S              S

Currently we have a lease partnership with a private ranch east of Okeechobee.  We are leasing several stalls and pastures on this 1000 acre ranch.  We are fundraising and actively looking for our own property to be able to expand our horse rescue and start our retreat center.  We will need to rebuild the barn and retreat house on our new upcoming location.

We are looking forward to our future adventures.    

Our locations

FL - 70


We are leasing stalls and pastures at a private ranch off FL-70 outside  Okeechobee 

heavenly peaceful


This place is so quiet and peaceful.  I  love driving down this road.

over 1000 acres


Thank you to our land hosts for supporting ACS

 and our horses.

at the ranch


These four horses will have a new home very soon. This is Alex, Spider, Jet, and Winner.  They will be leaving and going to a ranch in central Florida.

share the big news


This is Gator.  He is 8 years old.  He was abandoned in a field by himself.  He's been here for 3 months and he's gained his weight back and he's almost ready to be saddled up and taken for a trial ride.  He's coming along very well.  Very sweet

our girls


Millie and Amber are still recovering from their abusive home.  They had cuts and bruises on them when they arrived 2 months ago.  They are recovering well.  Millie is expecting.