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Travelers is a gentle 22 year old gelding.  His human family can not longer care for him. His situation is sad and emotional issues will need attention. He shows signs of worms and he is about 200+ pounds under weight.  He was so sweet and attentive to us when we visited him.   It will be harder to re-home a 22 year old horse.  He needs a vet check, a farrier check, worm treatment, vitamins and supplements, grain, hay, and transported to a stall with pasture for at least 6 months to regain his strength. Plus, Travelers needs a forever home.  He is a proven gentle trail horse for any child or beginner.  We have started an emergency fund for horses like Travelers. We are calling it "Travelers Aid".   He's just as sweet and lovable as he looks in the picture. A gentle giant. 

Please help us help horses like Travelers. There are not enough horse rescues to help all the horses. About 35% of the homeless horses can't be placed in horse rescue facilities because they are full to capacity.  They are sold at auction and the rest go to be slaughtered. We need more horse rescues and horse sanctuaries. These giant creatures are so sweet and personable.  They're like giant dogs; they play and fight and love and follow commands. They're dependent on us. 

All money donated to this fund will be used to care for the needs of homeless horses, stall, food, health care, farrier.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Another Chance Stables, Inc. is a 501c3 non profit charity.

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